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What to Do if You Get Hurt on the Job

Women's Job Board 24 November, 2020

In most cases, you can get through your workday without any injuries or mishaps. However, accidents do occur on the job. These are three things you must-do if you ever get hurt while you're performing your job duties. 

Notify Your Supervisor

You must notify your supervisor of any injury you obtain while you're doing your job duties. Your employer needs to know about them so that they can document it. Furthermore, they may have certain insurance in place to cover you if you're unable to perform your job duties because of the injuries. For example, the worker's compensation benefit may be available to replace part of your income if you have to stop working for a while as you heal. 

See the Doctor Immediately

It's advisable for you to see a medical professional even if you feel your injury is minor. Sometimes, adrenalin and other bodily hormones delay the onset of pain from an injury. It would be in your best interest to schedule an appointment with a physician who can perform X-rays and other tests to diagnose your injury and develop a treatment plan. You'll be glad you took the time to tend to your health. Besides, your employer will probably have medical professionals available to tend to you. 

Consult With an Attorney if Necessary

In the case of a major injury, you might want to speak to an attorney. You will be entitled to workers' compensation, no matter whose fault the accident. However, you may be entitled to a personal injury settlement if your employer's neglect causes the injury. A personal injury settlement will be much more valuable in helping you recover from an injury than a workers' compensation claim will be. It's up to you to get all the facts and then decide what remedy works best for you. 

The three steps we just mentioned are necessary for your health and welfare after getting hurt on the job. Hopefully, you won't ever have to experience a work injury, but you can use these guidelines if you do.